an apple a day...

This boy loves apples.  The obsession started on Christmas day. While visiting family, G was crawling around the house and discovered a fruit bowl on the floor in the front hall.  I'm guessing it was probably moved there temporarily to make more room in the kitchen for holiday fare but, in any case, G plucked out an apple and started gnawing on it as he crab-crawled through the house. 
In my not so infinite wisdom, I tried taking it from him to cut it in pieces. Oh the howls!  He snatched it right back out of my hand and took turns sitting with me, his daddy and his grandma for the next hour as he devoured his way through that apple. 

Now, it's his favorite afternoon snack.  And, I've found a surefire way to have a peaceful grocery shopping trip even with an active toddler...hand him a piece of fruit!  I'll take it :)


AurieGood said...

I've got to admit, it beats the trip we make to the bakery department every time I take the girls grocery shopping :)

Jes said...

so cute!

Jenn said...

what an adorable story. and very cute picture.

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