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Since I first picked up my beloved Canon dSLR, thoughts of classes and really learning to use my camera swirled in my mind.  Having a bitty baby arrive just two weeks after receiving your dream photography equipment makes for a wonderful captive subject but, not so much time to really learn.  I've been browsing around for online classes for months.  Looking for someone whose work I greatly admired and who seemed to have a teaching style that would work for me.  I found Willette, bookmarked her site and visited often, salivating over the class offerings. The timing just hasn't been right between my responsibilities at home and work.

Then, I got a newsletter in December announcing a brand new class would be starting in February.  It would be a mini class and it would be...seriously, is this too good to be true?!?!...free.  Really.  The e-mail reminder that class will be starting in just two days arrived in my inbox this morning with the badge, Flickr group link and homework assignments. 
I am so thrilled to be taking on a learning process, to exercise my very beginner skills shooting in manual and to be guided along in photographing the people I love the most over the next month.  I'm hoping that I will end up with images that will resonate for a long time to come.  Thank you Willette!

If you are interested in taking the journey, here is the link to join: The Joy of Love


Jes said...

this couldn't come at a better time! i picked up my rebel yesterday for the first time in ages and realized that still after all these years, i have no idea how to really use the thing. Olivia's really on the move now and most of my photos come out blurry these days but if i get serious about learning manual... thank you for this link, i've signed up already!! :)
side note - i can't get the button to work on my blog, did you have any issues?

Aurie said...

ooh...I'm off to check out the link! I've signed up for a beginners class, but it's not util March and I'm ready NOW!!

Tracy said...

i've joined this group also! i can tell it's going to be alot of fun! i took a maggie holmes online photography course this past year and i can not tell how much it has helped me...i was terrified of shooting in manual but now i wouldnt have it any other way!! for christmas i recieved a canon 7d so now i'm stuck trying to figure that out, it's a pretty big difference from my old rebel lol. good luck w learning! did u join the flickr group or are u going to post to your blog?

Mrs. Boom said...

I have joined the Flickr group and will likely post some of the assignments here on the blog as well :)
Enjoy getting to know your very droolworthy 7D more!

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

Hey, you! We should talk photography sometime! I am loving the new blog design. I am still saving up for my dream equipment (the 5DM3 this fall), but have some new lenses now. Can't wait to see your progress-but you were already really good!

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