week 9: project life tuesday

Just can't get enough of photographing these delicious, full cheeks and soulful eyes. Sometimes I think I'm putting too may of these face shots in his album. Then, I remind myself of just how fast this little face is changing and I keep at it:
Enjoying his playmat and some time in the nursery playing with Mommy:
Lately, one of G's favorite spots is his changing mat. Fussy? Just lay him down here and we're almost guaranteed smiles and coos as he studies the shelves above his dresser or watches the ceiling fan go 'round. This shot was taken mid-giggle, likely at the dangling feet of one of his shelf-sitter stuffed animals. His legs are up here partially because of his hip harness but, mainly because he kicks up a storm when he's happy and excited:
Fluffy hair! Right after a bath his hair is downy, fluffy and looks so light! Makes me wonder where that hair color came from:
Took our first road trip today to visit some of his cousins. Bella and G are the closest in age of the babies born to our family in the last few years and they had a chance to size each other up. Bella in her bumbo seat and G in the borrowed pink bouncer:
A "conversation" with Papou, G's paternal grandpa:
The one drawer in G's dresser that has gotten the most use in the past month and a half. Piles of sleep sacks (the only clothing that fits well over his hip harness) and clean burp cloths. Just a snapshot of daily life right now. I think it's important to get some of these mundane things in the album here and there as they are the details most likely to be forgotten over time:


Anonymous said...

1. Adorableness all around.

2. I find your baby's dresser drawer organization intimidating. You don't even want to know what Piper's drawers look like... ugh.

Kristi said...

He is such a cute, cute little guy!!

Amy said...

just adorable. there's just something about sweet baby cheeks.

Rookie Momma said...

take lots of photos...they change so fast :) can you come and arrange Bella's drawers just like that??

dawn said...

My daughter and I think your baby boy is sooooo cute!! I love his little boy clothes and how organized his drawer is. I remember when they first slept in a crib too, so sad to move them. I loved all the pictures. This is a great way to capture his first year and yes his face will change almost daily so keep up on those face shots. have a good week.

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