three months of george...

My sweet George,
Today you are three months! This time has flown so fast yet, I can't imagine my life before you. You seem to be growing right before our eyes. Once our little skinny monkey, you now have big kissable cheeks and the most delicious arm and thigh rolls. When you were born, your eyelashes were so tiny we questioned if they were really there. Now they are growing in full, dark and are longer by the day. Your 0-3 month clothing days are numbered, only a few pieces remain in your drawers.
You are such a good eater and are nursing about every two hours during the day. Nighttime is still a work in progress. Sometimes you wake only once and give Mommy lots of much needed rest, and other nights you are up two, three times or more. We're still trying to figure out a routine that works best. You have established your own routine of napping for 2+ hours in the late morning through early afternoon. This is usually the time of day for outings with Mommy during the week and the car rides and ambient noise of errands helps you sleep well. When you are awake we are blessed to get lots and lots of belly laughs, giggles and full on grins like this one:

The last two weeks you have met several new baby friends - Zachary, Cameron, Henry, Carter (below) and Porter. You are very curious by nature and love to look at the faces of other babies, other new people you meet and anything new in your environment. Daddy and I love seeing you concentrate on something - staring intently and trying to figure things out.

And you are figuring out new things nearly every day. About a week ago, you discovered that you could swat at the toys hanging from the arch over your playmat to make them move and, now, you can grasp at your toys when we hand them to you...and bring them right to your mouth.

You love your Daddy and smile every day when he walks in the door from work. You track us both across the room and turn your head when you hear one of our voices coming from another direction. It is so rewarding for to see that you know we are your people. Your coos have now turned into conversations with us. We talk to you about, well, just about anything and you love to respond to us with an assortment of gurgles. Your most talkative times are in the hour right after your first morning nap and in the early evening.

Your hip is healing very well and you are now out of your harness eight hours each day. As soon as you are "sprung" each day, usually around 12 noon, you kick your legs repeatedly and extend them as far as you can, getting a good stretch. You are so go about putting it back on at night and never complain but, you are absolutely enjoying your new-found freedom each day.

My life is so much sweeter with you, George. I'm thankful every day to have you for my son.

All my love,



Rookie Momma said...

doesn't g know he's not supposed to get so big so fast? bella seemed to miss that memo too. great photos - miss you lots!

Mom said...

Great post, honey!! You always bring a tear (of joy) to my eye!!
Love you and miss you guys alot!

nfaband said...

Wow ... isn't it wonderful to have a sweet little baby in your life to make everything come alive.

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