Project Life Tuesday: Week 8

Yes, week 8...although this is the first week I've gotten my photos edited in time to post. Before George was born, I heard about Becky Higgins' Project Life kit and knew it would be a way for me to scrapbook his first year of life, in an easier way than usual. I ordered the kit and committed myself to taking a photo a day of his/our life for his first year. And, I've kept that promise. Editing the photos and getting them printed? Well, that was another story. But, I'm up-to-date as of today. My new commitment in this? Edit photos every week and post them here. So, on to last week's pics:

George's first nap in his crib. He has been rapidly outgrowing his moses basket next to our bed(::sad::) and it was time to start the transition, just shy of two months:
One of G's new discoveries, chewing on his hands...constantly:
Finally loving bath time, a very nice change of pace:
More photos for Wednesday because...he's TWO MONTHS!
We've had a smiley little guy for a couple of weeks but now, we get the added bonus of giggles and the beginnings of belly laughs...the very best part of each day:
My mother-in-law, G's YiaYia came over to visit with him - and gave me some hands free time to do all of this photo editing:
Kisses from his adoring Daddy: And what an end to this week - our first wedding anniversary and G's 40 day blessing at church:
I'm so happy that I started this project and am looking forward to seeing it come together over the course of the year. Taking photos each day when you have a very cute (and not yet mobile) subject is easy but, I know there will be challenges in the coming months. I'm keeping my eye on the end result: a pictorial journey of this incredible year and being able to share that with my son in the future.


Unknown said...

as alawys...you amaze me :) great photos!

Jessica Navarro said...

Visiting from The Mom Creative. Great pictures, can't wait to see more. You have a beautiful son.

Kristin said...

What adorable pictures! Your photos are beautiful!

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