project life: week 10

George's favorite new snack...chewing on his fist:
Finally enjoying tummy time. Or, at least, humoring mommy! (completely in love with this shot!):
Having quite a lengthy discussion with the animals on his bouncy seat. I love hearing how much more vocal he becomes each week. Delicious baby coos:
Such a little ham already!
Tools of the trade. Pampers Swaddlers and Gold Bond Sanitizer lotion are so worth the price but, Target's Up&Up makes wonderful generic subs for sensitive, alcohol-free wipes and diaper ointment. Figuring these little things out as we go:
Mr. Boom thanked me for supporting him this past week with a delicious dinner. Check out the plating skills!
In one day G went from looking at the dangling toys to raching out, batting them around and then, grabbing a teether to stick in his mouth. Slow down buddy, you are way too quick a learner!


dawn said...

This weeks pictures of George are even cuter if that's possible. My daughter and even husband told me to leave a comment saying how verrrry cute he is. I love it when they are on their tummy's and when they reach for toys for the first time. I read your other posts and saw that you got to win something, so congradulations!!!! Have fun with your cute boy and see you next week.

Mom said...

love the week of photos...I can't wait to get my hands on my little grandson!!

Peek at My Paper said...

What precious pictures. Oh how I wish Becky had Project Life when my kids were babies! Awesome. :)

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