we inturrupt this program...

From the time I woke this morning and every time I have looked at the clock since, I have measured the day by what I will be doing then:
  • At 8:57 I will just be walking into the hair salon with my mom, sister and one of my bridesmaids (with the makings for mimosas in hand)
  • At 11:04 we'll be back in the hotel and welcoming the make-up artist, Christine into the suite
  • And now, at 2:45 pm, I'll be in the side room of the church, anxiously awaiting my walk down the aisle to FI who will then become my husband in under an hour. Whoa. Getting misty here

I can hardly contain my excitement, my butterflies, the hopes and wishes for the day. Small details and to-do lists aside, I'm ready.


Meagan said...

AHHH! It is getting so so close! Can't wait!

nfaband said...

All I can do right now while reading through all your plans is smile ... what a grand day you're going to have Jen ... enjoy every single minute of this.

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