making a list, checking it...well, all the time!

  1. My ring is in!!! Mom picked it up today and is delivering it to me this weekend.
  2. FI's ring is en route and should arrive tomorrow!
  3. Our cake topper arrived today...love it! Crafty Eddy rocks.
  4. My bridal shower is this Saturday! Woot! My sister flys in to town tomorrow night and I can't wait to see her.
  5. My first fitting is next Tuesday. I ordered my corset for underneath and am hoping it shows up on time.
  6. Appointment to finalize our menu and other venue stuff is next Thursday.
  7. The programs are all copied and about 1/4 are assembled and finished. Hoping to get more done this weekend with a little help from my friends and family.
  8. Cocktail napkins have been ordered.
  9. Last night, I assembled all of the thank you notes I'll need after my shower and I have new pens standing by.

We are getting there. No where near the end of the list yet but, we're making progress little by little. I am really looking forward to this weekend and my shower but, at the same time I know that the weeks are really going to fly after that! Thank goodness this coming Monday is a holiday and I'll be able to stay home and get through a lot of thank you notes and I'd also like to get the flower girl's pomander made.

So much to do but, I'm feeling in a much better place right now and not stressing as much. I'm exercising (go Shred!), eating right and trying to really take time out each day to relax with FI and have moments where there is NO wedding talk. It's all good :-)

Now, if the last 90-something people would just send in their rsvp's...


Carrie said...

you are going to have so much fun at your shower and before you know if all the things are going to be checked off of your list!!

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

I hope your shower was fabulous, Jen! I also have 90 plus ppl still to rsvp and haven't had any for the past couple days. I'm dreading the phone calls I have to make. When is your rsvp date?

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