showered with love...

This Saturday, my wonderful sister (MOH) threw me a beautiful bridal shower/luncheon with over 40 family members and friends. The whole day was beyond anything I could have imagined and was just amazing in every way. From eight hours away, she planned the shower over the phone, sight-unseen and not one detail was left out.

I went into the shower in a state of disbelief (how could it be here already? is this all really for me?) and was determined to keep my composure. But, in that beautiful room, surrounded by so much love and generosity, I fell apart during my thank you speech and it made the enormity of all that is to come in the next six weeks really hit home. Here are just a few photos and highlights of the day.

Me and my beautiful sister, Corine:

The table set up. My mom and sister handmade the flower arrangements and even painted the flowerpots so that everything matched our wedding colors:
The favors. Hershey bars in customized wrappers. The back is even more adorable, listing the "ingredients" and well wishes. I'll take a pic to post as soon as I can:

The cake. Beautiful AND delicious!

My amazing bridal party - Jess, Diane, Aurie and Corine (MOH):
My mom and grandma:
FMIL and FI's aunt:
Our koumbara (marriage sponsor) and her daughter (FI's cousins):Cutting the first slice of cake for good luck!
Afghan from a friend, personalized with our names and wedding date:
My god-daughter, Sophie "helping" me open my cake service set:Coffeemaker from a group of my friends:
I couldn't choose a favorite part of the day if I tried. There was so much love and laughter in that room. FI and my sister did a great job of mixing both sides of the guest lists at the tables and, from the sounds of conversation and all of the laughing, I think we are going to have an incredibly fun and lively wedding reception!
Now, my sister has flown home, the gifts are a) put away in cabinets, drawers and put to immediate use, b) in storage at FMIL's house until we have more space of our own or, c) still sitting in boxes in out dining room awaiting placement after we clear our home of all of the rest of the wedding stuff!
Our mother's shocked me by, together, gifting us ALL twelve place settings of our china. There was not one gift that I didn't love and not one duplicate. Most people used the registry, some did something more unique and showed how much they really know us.
A few of my favorite gifts? Our china (Mikasa Chelsea Platinum), SEVEN brand-new All-Clad pans, and these two gorgeous pieces - Kate Spade demitasse cups and saucers and matching pedestal footed cake plate. LOVE them:


The Pittsburgh Pair said...

Your shower looks fabulous! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those Kate Spade cups and the cake plate. So adorable.

My RSVP date is in ten days...I have 60 something cards not returned, but get this...I just actually counted. 117 out of 173 people. That is a lot. I only usually receive one card per day. In the 56 people that did respond, I'm including our immediate families, bridal party, and vendors, so I've barely gotten any cards!

When are you starting to make your calls? Please keep me posted. Have you had any other woes, like adding on or substituting people? I have and it has been annoying!

Carrie said...

wow jen!! it looks like you had an amazing shower and definitely tons of people who love you :) I too got overwhelmed during my thank-you speech, and ended up just telling everybody to go drink & have fun!!!

LOVE the Kate Spade products and the cake...save me a piece?!?! hehe

nfaband said...

Wow Jen ... an amazing day I'm sure, just the lead in for the most amazing day of your life yet to come. I'm so excited for you. BTW ... your sister is gorgeous and your mom looks young enough to be a 3rd sister as well. So glad you had a great day.

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