fifty. five-oh. that's all folks...

i love that i have found the person i truly want to spend the rest of my life with. that he gets me in ways that no one else has. we've planned nearly every detail of our wedding together and have, for the most part enjoyed the process. we've toured venues, laughed, pored over spreadsheets, magazines, binders and fonts. we've price compared candles and bounced around department stores with a registry scanner. there have been so many conversations about what we are most looking forward to about the big day, and all that the following years may hold.

we are now at 50 days.


in getting to this point, i've discovered that every engagement ring should really come with a disclaimer:

warning: parts of the planning process will be crappy drudgery and downright frustrating.

it's not him or me or anything in particular, really. it's just that the fun, fantasy part of looking at sparkly baubles, flowers, venues and attending food tastings are over. done. now it's about the minutia. the little details that all add up to a list longer than your arm. so long that you can't quite see the end of it, no matter how much progress you make each day. these last two months, my friends, are not the fun part.

i know that it will all be worth it when i wake up on the morning of february 28th. our wedding day. all the stuff of now will fall away and it will be a flurry of family, friends, hair and make-up and one very classic white gown all leading to IT.

and, maybe that's why new brides-to-be aren't warned. i'd like to hold onto a little bit of a romantic notion that the drudgery at the end all gets forgotten in the magic of the day. that the craziness of those last two months ends up being so worth it that it's not important enough to mention. i guess by the first week in march i'll have my answer.

now, back to my to-do list.


Meagan said...

I'm with you on this one Jen. I hope everything is forgotten and totally worth it on the wedding day. Fingers crossed and armed with a to-do list, onward I trudge.

Carrie said...

i know how hard you've worked and how creative you are...your day will be magical :)

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