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Today was my hair trial with Sarah at Eclipse Salon. Although I procrastinated on making a decision on a salon, and then in making the appointment, I really was looking forward to today. Sarah couldn't have been nicer and through our conversation it even turned out that she and FI went to high school together. I brought in photos of the style I wanted and I think she got it down perfectly, with my one change of a side-swept bang.

I love this first shot that she captured - looking at myself for the first time with all of my bridal accessories and getting a little teary.

The front: we decided after the pics that there will be more volume toward the back the day of; my headpiece was flattening it out just a touch here.

The back: love all of the soft curls she created. Up-do's are the one case where I'm grateful for the natural wave/curl in my hair as the styled curls really hold. Having the veil tucked way in the back allowed it to be a bit longer on my arm and see all of the hairstyle. Exactly what I had envisioned.

Good shot of the side swept bang. Sarah will completely embed the ends of my headpiece in the hairstyle the day of. You can see them slightly here so that it would be easy to take back out before I left.
I was so happy with the experience and can't wait to put this up-do and my accessories (have I mentioned how much I love my earrings?) together with my dress the day of - 34 days from now!


Alyssa said...

Love the hair, Jen! Looks great! Where did you find the style?

nfaband said...

Stunning ... you will be the most beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing with us Jen.

Monica and the team said...

love the hair, wow 34 more days! how exciting!

Lynn said...

ooooo your hair is gorgeous and you so rock that style.

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