we need to register for HOW many gifts?

We set out this morning determined to finalize our two registries. We had started them early on in our engagement and have added one or two things here and there. With the holidays approaching, and with them more time commitments, we knew we needed to just finish up or it would be difficult to get to it in time for my bridal shower (January 17th).

When you go in to register, the Bridal Registry Consultant will often tell you how many items you should register for based on your total guest list. We were advised to register for at least 200 items at each store for our 140 guests. What??? Madness. We do NOT NEED 400 things. Heck, we don't even need 50 things at this point. We are both in our thirties and just finished merging two complete households this summer.

Not only do we NOT NEED any more stuff we are, in fact, bursting at the seems with stuff.

But, it is stuff we've registered for. Lots and lots of stuff. Mind you, we really do like it all. Mainly things we gotten by without up to this point (rice cooker, wicker hampers) or things that we figured could use an upgrade (glassware, matching luggage). Some things, such as a lot of silver photo frames, are in anticipation of pictures to come and the dream of one day having a lovely wall of family photos. And then, there is the Kitchen Aid mixer. In red. Because, really, it's not a true registry without a Kitchen Aid mixer. Seriously. When searching for a google image of the particular model we covet, I even came across a blog post entitled "kitchen aid color harmony" that put together inspiration boards for brides suggesting kitchen accents that will coordinate with their shiny, new culinary treasure. here is ours:

As if I needed further evidence that wedding planning is utter madness.

Still, the cloth napkins would be pretty cute at a dinner party. Just change the embroidered initial to "B"...hmmm...


Meg said...

Jen, we registered for the Empire Red Kitchen Aid!!! I love it!!! That's probably the thing on our registry I'm most excited about!! I love the inspiration board you put together too!! Those napkins with the Monogram are super cute!

Carrie said...

lol i remember the whole..."I need to register for how many?! what?!" After about an hour of scanning you're like...whatever :) But good job!!!

nfaband said...

Very pretty ... love the red and your right those little monogrammed napkins are the perfect little indulgence and a sweet extra on the table. Everyone needs those fun touches in their life sometimes.

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