make-up trial...

I just got home from my wedding make-up trial. The artist was so sweet and spent a lot of time working on my eyes, including individual false eyelashes, until we were both happy with the results.

The foundation was airbrushed and is supposed to last for up to 18 hours. Since my make-up was done today at approximately the same time as it will be on my wedding day, I'll be putting it to the test tonight when FI and I attend a dinner dance (at our reception venue). So far I love it...even in photos:

Update...the make-up held up ALL night and even better than expected. FI loved it, too :)


Monica and the team said...

wow ! beautiful! you are going to be such a beautiful bride!

Meagan said...

You look gorgeous, dahling! Seriously, it looks great. Did it stay well? What's the verdict?

his_wifey4 said...

Aww, so pretty! The makeup looks so good and natural.

nfaband said...

Stunning ... wow that air brushed makeup is really the way to go when you have an event. DD had it done for her senior prom and we were amazed at the end result and true to the claims that it will last it does, DD was out the whole night of her prom and came home in the morning still looking made up.
What a beautiful bride your fiance will have to greet at the alter.

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