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Yesterday, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, a feature caught my eye. A fellow Project Lifer had posted a nicely laid out photo of the contents of her bag for something called My Selfie Scrapbook. Curious, I followed the hashtags and came to the Record Life blog.

As a scrapbooker I take plenty of photos and many of them a selfie of one form or another - even if just my hand holding something important or my feet where I stand - as a way to get myself in the family album. This concept meshed well with the way I already document.

My bag contents tell the story of life right now. A little of me but, mainly child centered. The life of a stay at home mom toting loads of stuff. But, also that of a third time mom trying not to carry the world on her shoulder - literally and figuratively! As it so happened, I came upon this prompt after I had just cleaned out my bag, vacuumed it of crumbs and tossed a zillion receipts. This is a far neater version of my everyday:
  • wipes for diaper changes, messy hands and faces, etc
  • wristlet wallet
  • coupons
  • headband for baby girl
  • measuring tape for on-the-go home improvement planning
  • my favorite lightweight scarf, also the most fashion forward item I own
  • diapers, in two sizes
  • preschooler sunglasses
  • pen assortment
  • learning game cartridges
  • fruit snacks
  • squeeze fruit/veggie pouch
  • goldfish or other snacks
  • incentive sticker from a pediatrician visit
If you would like to play along, look for  #hashtagthisweek on Instagram and/or follow the Record Life blog. Want to see more of my photos? You can find me on Instagram: @jenboom


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