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The weather finally cuts us a break and I disappear. Such is Mama life with two very active boys who want to go, go, go! And go we have. To the parks, to the zoo (over and over), on our weekly errands, scheduled activities and play dates. Jack even went on his first flight when we visited my sister and her family across the state two weeks ago (more on that soon). On. the. move.

Being outside means far less time dedicated to getting what we are doing down on paper. It's an adjustment every spring to balance that outside time with inside chores and crafting. Juggling nighttime priorities to make room for Project Life again. I'm getting there! I have three weeks of Project Life to share today. Two weeks are missing because they are Citrus Twist work so, they will wait until next week after the May kit reveal. Here we go!

{March 18-24}
First day of Spring happened but, no one knew it here! Documenting how we kept bust inside. Again. Broken record much? George put on his own shoes, the boys played nicely and some artwork was created. The bottom right is a recipe I created and the bottom left is the receipt from my best grocery savings ever.
 Pirate spotting, couch cushion forts, baking adventures and iPhone silliness.
 {March 25-31}
The week started off on a bad note. Stomach virus for G, stress from a few sources and Mr. Boom and I even had to put off our cheesecake indulgence for a day due to something that came up. Grr... Thankfully it all turned around by mid-week. The bottom pics are of G looking through Project Life and Jack playing peek-a-boo from the Thomas the train pop up tent.
 Out like a lamb, indeed! The weekend was beautiful just in time for a visit from my parents and our village egg hunt. The middle photo and card tell a hilarious story about George learning to spell and making associations.
{April 15-21}
Here's the two week skip ahead mentioned above. The week before this was so photo heavy that I ended up using one Design A and one Design F page to accommodate more pics and stories without adding an insert. Using the back of Design F for this week was perfect for documenting our very busy week of THREE zoo visits (yes, seriously). The date card is from the PL Jade digital kit with the addition of a digi stamp and family photo from one of the zoo visits. The green geotag, teal arrow and star tab are Silhouette cuts. Kept this very simple with hybrid cards and some quick handwritten journaling (a BIG, BIG announcement involving my handwriting coming very soon...squee!!!).
I knew I needed to include the Boston Marathon terror attack this week somehow. I chose to use a graphic that I came across on Instagram/Tumblr that week with a quote by Fred Rogers on helpers. Behind this card, I added more details (just the facts and some feelings about keeping the boys safe and innocent) on a graph card with a pull tab. The rest is just some favorite photos from the week and a bit of gratitude about our everyday life and routine.
I'll be back next week with more shares using the upcoming CTK May kits...so fun!


stefani said...

I love the geotag with the heart in the middle. I need one of those. Looks like I need to take my Silhouette out of the box more often. Did you find the cut in the Silhouette store or someplace else?

PS...Red pandas are the most awesomest of the animals.

Mrs. Boom said...

Stefani, thank you! The geotag is from the Sil store. I grabbed it during the 50% off sale last week :)

nfaband said...

Such a wonderfully documented life with your beautiful family ... you are doing a great job with project life Jenn.

SamSam said...

Your little guys are sooo cute :) enjoy looking at toddler's picture hehehe

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