project life: and this brings us up to date (!!!)

I've been on a creative mission this week. Finish all of my design assignments nearly a week early (check!) and then, get the rest of my album current (check!). This morning I was able to sneak in a few minutes to complete weeks 20 and 21 and get them photographed. And, I just finished printing off two photos from this week to stick in Week 22.

You see, we leave for an international vacation on Tuesday. That's four days from now. We'll be gone for nearly three weeks and, well, you know what the return from a scrapbooker's vacation entails, right? The number of photos will be obnoxious. Add to that the normal post-vacation unpacking, laundry and, oh yes, re-adjusting to EST. As soon as we get home, I'll be itching to get my photos downloaded and into my album but, I'll also need to do that since July's design assignments will be due. It's going to be a super fun whirlwind around here!

{Week 20: May 13-19}
Date night, George "supervising" remediation work at his grandparents' house, a $1 Starbucks lunch date, the end of The Office, a very exciting PL product arrival, an impromptu frozen custard stop and more, The Office TV card? Completely inspired by my friend and fellow PLer/blogger Barbara. Check her out!
George floored us with all of a sudden deciding he knew how to write (before ever being taught), Jack causing trouble, a visit with family and new haircuts.. The "Heart THIS" and "AMAZING" cards were cut with my Cameo directly on the PL 3x4 grid cards. LOVE.
 {Week 21: May 20-26}
Mr. Boom's birthday, a zoo trip, G helping me bake his Baba's cake and Jack's favorite play spot. 
This week's layout? Well, it's done. I'm not happy with how it came together. I rushed and it shows but, this project? not about perfection. The documentation is there and in 10, 20 or 30 years, no one will care that the color of that title card is just too peach. Right?
Lots and lots of park photos (it was a such a fun afternoon!), Mr. Boom's new business card and lots of books...
The two missing weeks? They are all done, photographed and will be up here on June 12th, after the June Citrus Twist Kits reveal!


Lynn Murphy said...

Wow. I love your PL. It so suits your style. Have fun on your VT.

Sara said...

Your pages are amazing!! I *think* I need to order the kit now!! Thanks for the enabling!

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