One of the things I hope most for as a parent is to raise these two boys to be loving, compassionate people - starting with their own relationship. They are so young and have a lifetime ahead to form friendships. The one person I hope that they will always turn to is their own sibling.
In the past few months, there have been more and more moments of sweetness between these brothers. Jack will take a book to George to read or, George will take Jack's hand to lead him to see something exciting. They play together sometimes and along side each other quite a bit. Oh, there are crazy making moments too, and plenty of them! That's also what brothers do, I suppose. But, I love seeing their relationship develop in front of me, hearing George say, "That's my brother Jack!" when we meet someone new or, when Jack walks over to George and pats the top of his head. Those are the moments that melt me. Over and over.

Stick together, my boys. That's what brothers are meant to do.


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So, so sweet. Love those two little men!

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