saying goodbye to summer, part 1...

Our family packed so much in to the last few un-official weeks of summer that I am still busy processing the memories, both in my head and in photographs. But, these? Two of my favorite shots from our first time setting up the little pool this year. It was Jack's first "swim" so, we let George at the pool first to go nuts and get all of the splashes out before his baby brother joined in. They both LOVED it. 

And, Project Life. With my in-law's out of the country for the past several weeks I've been a bit slower in keeping up. I have a few more weeks in my album to share but, need to get them photographed first.

{July 30 - August 5}
George's very first haircut and, of course, a few curls tucked safely in a glassine envelope, a little photo shoot with Jack and saying "bon voyage" to my in-law's before their long vacation.
 Jack's first solid foods, some favorite phone pics from the week and bit about the 2012 summer games.
Part 2 coming soon with photos from our trip to the lake, the Bronx Zoo and Jack at (gasp!) SEVEN months...stay tuned!


Lynn Murphy said...

oooooo two adorable kidlets in a pool. can't go wrong there. love your project life. soooooo coool. hang in there with it.

aurie good said...

Adorable pics as always :) Miss you lots and can't wait to see you!!

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