home preschool: getting started...

We are starting some organized learning around here this fall. Since we have been house hunting for a long, long time it didn't seem the best idea to enroll G in a preschool program, only to potentially pull him out or take on a longer drive mid-year. So, we've started some homeschool lessons.

We are focusing on the uppercase alphabet and sounds right now, pairing each letter with a book and letter craft project following the inspiration here found at Totally Tots. We are using library books (love our library system!) and fun foam, google eyes and a bit of imagination for our craft projects.

I present our first lesson, D is for Dinosaur:
G had a blast creating his dinosaur, using glue and making lots of loud dino sounds.
And, we loved this super cute book. An added bonus? G can now recognize and name a Triceratops and Allosaurus :)


aurie good said...

He looks so cute and intent on his task! Glad you are enjoying the hands on fun!

Jennifer said...

LOVE this! I hope to do this with Emma...well I guess I will be asking Aaron to help since he is watching her. :(

nfaband said...

Very fun ... and what a great way to learn at home. Happy that you are both enthusiastic about this new venture.

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