project life: saying goodbye to summer, part 2

I promised an un-official end of summer re-cap and, sharing my Project Life pages from August through Labor Day weekend seems to be the easiest way to do so!  As of last night, I am current in my album through September 2nd, with a plan for the past two weeks (to be completed shortly). Part of the lag was that SO much took place in the past month. Thousands of photos to sort through and choose and many stories to tell. I got a bit bogged down in the process. So, here we go...

{Aug 6-12}
My in-law's left on a five week vacation and we sent them off with a barbecue, Jack turned 6 months
We spent lots of time outside and the US won the 2012 summer Olympics
{Aug 13-19}
The weather finally gave us a break, documenting some of the boys' personality traits right now,
George lost a beloved toy at the park and we found a cool yellow caterpillar at the park
Frozen yogurt, one of our favorite, easy go-to meals, the joy of a carousel and a visit from my parents
{Aug 20-26}
Jack's first time in a pool, more frozen yogurt, a conversation with George, and some favorite snaps
More from the pool, Jack tries (and loves) pizza crust, and a journaling card that still needs to be completed...oops!
{Aug 27-Sept 2}
A trip to a local farm, sunset strolls around town, and what we did during the un-official last week of summer
Weekend at the lake. a praying mantis outside of your house, and little bits of life that week
Part of the insert from this week with many more photos of family at the lake
And, with that, summer comes to a close and I am so much looking forward to autumn with our boys!


nfaband said...

I just love following the boys and your families exploits ... lovely photos and you truly have mastered this new way of scrapbooking. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us Jen.

LindaB said...

Hi...I found your blog from your siggy on a 2peas post. Love your Project Life pages!
Question: is all your journaling freehand? I am wondering how people are computer journaling on the PL journaling cards.

Merry Christmas!

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