happy 1/2 birthday to jack!

Our sweet Jack turned 6 months yesterday. Half a year already flown by! His well visit happened to be yesterday as well so, his stats are up to the minute. At six months he:
  • weighs 16 pounds and 26.5" long
  • is wearing size 3-6 clothing and size 2 dipes (soon to be 3's)
  • started solid foods this past weekend with sweet potato, followed by squash
  • is sitting unassisted
  • loves being outside for walks and our park trips
  • is not even close to sleeping through the night
  • is super ticklish and has the best belly laughs
  • is super happy and smiley
  • loves to play with his feet
  • chews on his thumb or first two fingers
  • has no sign of teeth but is full of drool
  • is attempting to scoot around but, not quite there yet (I can wait!)
  • reaches for us
  • gets super excited when Baba comes home from work at night
  • babbles and shrieks through the day
  • likes to be cuddled and carried
  • is strong and likes to stand (holding our fingers) for long periods of time
  • is an absolute sweetheart!


aurie good said...

Love the picture :) Miss you guys - we need to get together soon!!

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