wishing it true: a conversation...

On Thursday evening, I was getting George changed into a new diaper and his pajamas and talking to Mr. Boom at the same time.

Me: G's box of diapers should arrive any minute.

Hubs: Do you have package delivery ESP?

Me: Ha! No, I got an e-mail they had shipped and will arrive today. UPS usually comes by about this time.

As we walked out of George's room, moving on to another topic, the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs to see the jumbo shipping box of Pampers at the door. Strange timing. When I walked back in the house I confirmed that the diapers had arrived, right on cue.

Mr. Boom: Quick! Say, "A million dollars should be arriving any minute!"


Kristi said...

LOL! That would be awesome, wouldn't it!? Thanks for the laugh this morning, I needed that

mjatpc said...


Aurie said...

LOL! Too funny :)

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