city walk...

One day last week, I found myself in Manhattan with a few hours all to myself.  Nothing on the agenda.  Sun shining.

Did I mention, by myself

A bit at loose ends with the freedom and possibilites, I wandered around the South Street Seaport and Fulton Street for awhile before deciding what I wanted to do.  That in itself proved to be a lovely start to my afternoon.  I love the preserved cobblestone pedestrian walkways and the old building facades of that area.  Not having thought to add my camera to my bag before hopping the train (won't make that mistake again), I had only my iPhone camera to capture my day. 

As I was making my way back up Fulton Street and wondering when on earth The Strand was turned into a junk shop - a travesty! - I decided it was time for lunch and ducked into Chipotle for a grilled chicken burrito bowl and a little bit of reading on my Kindle.  I was on the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy* and devoured several pages as I enjoyed lunch and resolved to learn to make the cilantro lime rice for myself** 

Belly full of good food, I walked a bit more dowtown, making my way to the subway and riding up to Union Square. It was a such a beautiful day I was hoping that the open air market would be alive in the square.  To my delight, it was up and running and I wove in and out of the stalls ranging from goat milk ice cream to exotic mushrooms to bright, blooming spring flowers. Finding an empty seat on a park bench, I sat down to read some more, soak up a bit of sun and people watch. 

I could have gone to one of my beloved museums or discovered something new that day.  Instead, I simply enjoyed my own company for a few brief hours. 

Sometimes, that is the best way to go

* More on Hunger Games in another post
** I consider myself a decent cook but, am hopeless at making rice on the stove.  It either turns out burned on the bottom or watery.  Cooking fail.  Just ask my husband. 


Kristi said...

I love that you got out to do this city walk! Looks like a great time!

nfaband said...

Sounds like a glorious few hours Jen ... and I have to say those photos are AMAZING.

Mom said...

how I miss our city trips!!

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