project life: weeks 10-13...

Part deux of my Project Life catch-up update, as promised. 

Two of the weeks here were fairly eventful and I decided to add an additional page protector for each to hold more photos and memorabilia.  I found the divided sheets online inexpensively, allowing for easy expansion. If you'd like a closer look at any of the layouts, click on a photo to enlarge. 

Week 10: March 7 - 13
The insert here is a regular 8x5x11" page protector that holds a map of a children's museum we visited and, on the flip side, a number of bits of life from that week that I'll adhere to cardstock in a much more cohesive manner...soon. The photo collages that I've included, such as the top right here, were made very simply in Picasa. One of the many reasons I love to use the program for quick photo edits.
Oh, look!  A photo of me.  See, evidence I was there...
Week 11: March 14 -20

Week 12: March 21 - 27
Front of the divided insert includes my two favorite of G's 15 month photos, the sample card of the paint we chose for our living room/kitchen (bottom: Behr, Raffia Cream) and a toy tag from our trip to Ikea - this was for felt fruit :)
Back of the insert includes the receipt from our Ikea trip and more photos I loved from that week, including the adorable face G makes right now when he is concentrating hard on a task or is excited about something ("Oooo!") and checking out his brand-new striped armchair and ottoman.
See, not ALL photos are of our kid.  I've included a shot of the savings from our grocery shopping that week (over 30% savings using sales and coupons!) and Mr. Boom's forearm wearing his magnetic contraption that held the nails he was using to install our new master closet organizer.
Week 13: March 28 - April 3
The back of this week's insert (front left out deliberately for privacy or, it wasn't finished.  Yeah, one of those.) A business card and menu from Chipotle and more favorite photos from the week.

I love, love, love how this project is coming together.  It isn't effortless but, it is easy.  It fits into my life and schedule right now.  And, I am capturing real stuff of our daily routine, family and world.  Love that.  Project Life?  Yes, indeed.


nfaband said...

Oh Jen, I think it's turning out beautifully, love the way you're putting it all together, and truly I say as long as you are saving the memories it's perfect. Great job.

Arlene said...

Love your work...very inspiring! I am a new follower, so glad I found you. Would love for you to visit my blog.


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