project simplify: or, we really need to get rid of this stuff...

We are three people living in a cozy condo. 
We are looking for a new home. 
We need to get our current home together and on the market. 
We have too. much. stuff. 

Enter Project Simplify.  I've been a reader of the Simple Mom blog for sometime and when i read about this challenge, I knew the timing couldn't be better.  Yes, I already have a lot on my plate and, proven in February, am not the best at following through on goal setting but, this simply needs to get done.  I'm joining in.  I'm not going to lie, I'm terrified about the "Before" photos part.  Terrified.  But, I need to see the results and the "Afters".  Here goes nothing...

How it works, direct from Simple Mom:
For five weeks, we’ll work together and tackle different areas of our homes. Be encouraged and inspired, knowing that there are other families around the world rolling up their sleeves and working alongside you!

1. On Monday, I’ll announce that week’s “hot spot” project.

2. You’ll have the week to declutter, clean, and organize that area — don’t forget to take “before” and “after” photos (no straightening up ahead of time, either!).

3. On Friday, I’ll reveal my own “before” and “after” photos.

4a. You’ll also post your photos and write about your experience on your own blog, then link to it on Simple Mom.

4b. If you don’t have a blog, you can share your “before” and “after” photos in the Simple Living Flickr pool, describing your experience in the photos’ description. (You can also do this even if you have a blog.)

5. Rest from the week’s hard work by browsing everyone else’s photos (and find inspiration for the next project!).

6. Cross your fingers in hopes that you’ve won that week’s giveaway.

This weeks Hot Spot: WARDROBE
I think I may have breathed an audible sigh of relief when I saw this week's Hot Spot revealed.  Why?  Mr. Boom and I both already tackled this task over the past few months.  Just this past Thursday I dropped a huge bag of my own clothing off for donation.  But, it seems there is always more to do so, though the closet is in decent shape right now, I'll tackle my two remaining messy dresser drawers this week.  Specifically, my sock and underwear drawers.  And, no, I won't be posting an after of that ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good luck, I love organizing =) it's keeping it that way that's the problem.

Aurie said...

Okay - that closet to way too organized!! :) I'm bracing myself for this one - haven;t gone thorugh clothes since before Bella was born!

Jes said...

i'm jealous of your closet, it's gorgeous *lol*

i'm jumping on this bandwagon - the lease for our apartment is up in August and with the expected increase in rent we've decided that we won't be re-signing. instead, we are looking into options for renting or buying a house. there is just not any more room here to be able to expand and our storage is already at a minimum. and with Olivia getting more and more active with each passing day, i know August will be here far too soon. this couldn't have come at a better time, thank you for sharing Jen!!

off to snap some before pictures of our closet and drawers *eek*

nfaband said...

We are so in the same boat right now, but I haven't been able to commit to the full pare down and clean up ... though I know it's coming soon. We'd like to have a realtor in to our home within the next month to tell us what we need to fix or change before listing and then hopefully we'll be on our way to something smaller and newer. Good luck with your cleanup Jen ... imagine the job I have with a 10 room house, full attic and basement and 3 people. When I moved in we combined 2 houses full of furniture and junk ... and none of it has gone anywhere in fact we've added to it so it's going to be a huge job. It can be done though, I know it can.

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