{nearly} wordless wednesday: missing you...

Baba was shaving with his electric razor one evening and George was very interested in both the buzzing gadget and the process.  I ran to grab the camera and caught this.

A perfect moment frozen in time. 

A foreshadow of a day far (but never far enough) in the future when father will pass along knowledge to his son. 

The logo on my husband's tee shirt reads "PRIDE".

Oh, yes.

My heart can hardly bear all of the love, tenderness and caring in this image.  Especially today as Mr. Boom has started a stretch of overnight work shifts and knowing we won't see too much of him during the next few weeks. Miss you already...


Aurie said...

Such a sweet picture!

Mom said...

Love the picture!!!

Lisa said...

Love this (and how fitting the pride logo is)!

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