chasing spring...

It is March and I am officially done with the cold weather (hear that, Mother Nature?). This has felt like the longest winter on record and although, yes we did have an inordinate amount of snow and frigid temps, I think it has more to do with having had to coop up a very active toddler. Now, said toddler has a ridiculous amount lot of toys but, even favorite things have their limits. Every time the temps have ventured into the mid-forties or above and the sun has deigned to shine down on us, I have bundled us both up and taken the little man for a walk.

Last week, we had just enough of a thaw to allow him to set foot on the ground for the very first time. His first time running around outdoors was on the soccer field just a couple of blocks from our house.  In true Greek spirit, he took off running from end to end. He was in his new-walker glory:
This Monday, it was colder than I would have liked but by late afternoon he was going a bit stir-crazy and taking me down with him so, we headed out again.  To his delight, the toddler park was finally free of snow and he was able to swing, climb, explore and run to his heart's content.  It such a shame that he hates being outside, eh ;-)
I predict that this spring is going to be loads of fun!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!

Aurie said...

Love his hat in the first picture!! He is having a blast :) I predict a busy Spring for you!!

Laura said...

DH yelled at me for not wearing my jacket today but I just couldn't take it anymore lol!

nfaband said...

Love those photos Jen ... how fun it must be for you to experience life with your little guy.

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