friday favorites: possession, celebration and gift...

Favorite or most prized possession (must be an object, not including photos): There were so many different ways I could have gone with this one and I almost chose my volumes of scrapbooks.  Not quite cheating because, while they contain do photos, they are also so much more. As dear as those scrapbooks and the hobby and memories they represent are to me, they sit on a shelf.  The possession that is most prized is one I have with me, worn on me, everyday.  My wedding set. Yes, I love the design and the sparkle. Oh, the sparkle! 

What is most prized about these two rings was what my husband and I just celebrated this past Monday: our marriage and the commitment to be together, raise and family and to be true only to one another.

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving.  No hesitation, no compromises.  I love Thanksgiving. The food, the family and laughter.  No pressure to decorate, find the perfect tree, gift, card or ornament.  Just a day with people I love sharing amazingly delicious food. 

Favorite gift you've ever received or given (life doesn't count): I have been blessed and fortunate to have received some incredible gifts in my life so, I'm keeping this one fairly recent.  And, I'm using two for this one because, well, it's my blog and I can *wink*  One tangible and one an experience.

1) My beloved camera, a gift from my wonderful husband on the day of my baby shower.  The gift that keeps giving day after day as I capture images of our world, our family and strive to learn more and more.  Canon 50D along with the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and Tamron 28-75 f/2.8
2) BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (No, there are not too many exclamation points)  For your second wedding anniversary Mr. Boom got us tickets to see Bon Jovi live in concert in early May.  Bon Jovi.  I have wanted to see them in concert since seventh grade.  That, my friends, is a long wait finally come due.  Wooooooot!
(My apologies for the original post that was riddled with spelling errors - fixed now!)


Aurie said...

So excited for you - can't wait to hear all about the concert. I'm also a tiny bit jealous....but we'll ignore that :)

Jes said...

you've got a guy that sure knows how to spoil you! :) i know you're over the moon happy about Bon Jovi, that is awesome!!

side note - would you mind sharing the link for your friday prompts. my blog is quite stale and i need a little push *lol*

Teenie said...

Concert tix ROCK!

Jenn said...

You are going to LOVE the concert. Jon and the boys put on one heck of a show.

nfaband said...

Love this post ... and woot woot to the concert tickets, they are truly amazing in concert, ENJOY!

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