first steps...

Today, our sweet little growing-up-far-too-fast boy took his first steps!

We knew it was only a matter of time before he made the short leap from cruising along furniture (and walls, and any other available surface!) and walking behind his push toy to taking actual unsupported steps. I had just hoped that he would hold off and do it on a day when Mr. Boom and I were both home and, honestly, was also half hooping that G would reserve his first couple of steps for his Daddy.

Well, he must have heard my wishing. His first two steps were just for Daddy, and the next few and then, finally, I was able to come in the room and catch a couple for myself from behind.

Soon enough, we'll be chasing him all over the condo but, right now he'll only try his new skill when he is bribed with a coveted item, such as the wireless computer mouse. Can you say obsessed?


nfaband said...

Yay George ... Congratulations!

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