a birthday, a cold and a partridge in a pear tree...

As I write this post, I'm still trying to figure out exactly where the last week went. Between my three-day birthday celebration, work and George coming down with a cold, time slipped away. I've been reading the #reverb10 prompts and am hoping to get to some of the backlog later this week but, if not, I'm letting it go. There are enough potential stressors in December without adding another to the mix.

So the birthday recap. in short, this was one of my favorites ever. Mr. Boom was able to take a day off of work to make a long weekend and both my parents and my in-law's joined us in baby-friendly outings to celebrate. That's what I wanted, time with my family. That (and the Kindle3 + green case....squeeeeee!) is exactly what I got.
Last Sunday kicked it all off with a trip to the Children's Museum. My parents met us and everyone had a great time watching G explore all of the exhibits. Not surprisingly, those that involved water were among his favorites. Is there any better gift than the joy on that little face? I think not.
The day was capped off with a delicious lunch at an italian restuarant around the corner from the museum. Blue crab and corn stuffed shells for me...oh, yum! And that was just day one of the festivities. Much more to come - soon, I promise!
Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Mom said...

It was a great day - we are so glad that we were able to get together and celebrate your special day, Honey!

nfaband said...

Awww ... Happy Birthday Jen, what a great day you must have had, and no the joy on that little face is way too much to handle, it must make every moment of your days the very best.

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