the birthday boy, a.k.a. cake destroyer...

"Mama, I will humor you for just one photo with the silly party hat.  This cake and I have important business."
This, my friends, is how birthday cake is meant to be eaten.
The life of the party.  Looks like he may kind of like his new toys, no? (Parum Pa Pam Drum set by B. at Target)
 Our little family, Est. one year ago today.
All worn out after the cake-fest of 2010. 
Happy FIRST Birthday little guy!


AurieGood said...

awe...great pics! love the cake smash - so different from my "delicate" girls :)

Lisa @ Cow Spots and Tales said...

Amazing pictures! I think that second one may be the best thing I've seen all day - or a week:) Happy Birthday to G.

Mom said...

Love the birthday post!!

Sara said...

I know I'm way late here but had to say:

And also:
We love our Drum and Egg Shakers and Man Shaped Like "A" and Bee That Rattles TOO!


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