oh hello, september 28th! i've been waiting for you...

I've been waiting on this morning since mid-summer, when my Google search turned up the fantastic news. Finally, months of enduring the same few scenes and sounds over and over would come to an end. There was an end in sight. New things on the horizon!

This morning when it was time for my shower, I turned on the DVR, scrolled to yesterday morning and turned on...

...a brand-new Sesame Street season!!!!
Something I never thought I would say, let alone look forward to or get excited about. But, there it is. PBS Kids played the same 15 or so episodes from last season in a loop all summer and I was over them. They weren't fooling this mama. I know that they have thousands of episodes in the archives. Thousands. Remember, PBS? I was a consumer once before when I was a wee one. Haven't you heard that vintage is in vogue?

G didn't seem to mind but, I couldn't stand to see Abby and her gang upcycle the genie's lamp one more time, or hear the "Murray had Little Lamb" rap. Over it.

So, this morning G and I welcomed Super Grover into our living room and breathed a sigh of relief for something new.


Laura said...

I remember feeling this way .. you'd think with all the years SS has been on air that they would dig into some older episodes. Especially since they know parents watch with their kids - I know I'd LOVE to see an episode from when I was little lol

Jes said...

thank goodness i wasn't the only one!!

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