i guess i'll sleep when...

I'm currently enduring yet another round of sleepless nights with G.

10 nights of 5+ wake-ups, followed by 1 night of 2 wakes (little tease!!!), followed by last night with 4 wakes.

We follow a bedtime routine that helps him transition to sleep initially but, are so far from sleeping through the night that it would be laughable if I weren't so sleep deprived. I'm beyond the point of needing the proverbial toothpicks to keep my eyes open. Instead, they are just stuck in the open position, at the ready for the next scream from the nursery. For about one wake-up a night he'll settle himself back down but, the rest end up in screaming fits that require intervention. We've tried letting him cry it out a couple of times but, all that accomplishes is getting him so wound up that he gags and wretches (no, thank you!).

I know that babies go through growth spurts, teething and periods of sleep regression, I just didn't count on them coinciding or lasting for such long stretches. I. am. Tired. He is such a wonderful baby during the day - happy, playful, curious and goes with the flow. Are the sleep issues some sort of penance for the daytime hours? Yes, I know that is a ridiculous notion and he wil sleep at some point. Right now I'm just praying that day happens before he leaves for college.


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