weekend at the lake...

Last Friday, George and I traveled upstate to the lake for some family time. We had some cooler but beautiful weather and it was incredible to see how much more George enjoyed himself from our last visit two weeks before now that he is so much more mobile. My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous collie named Murphy and G was completely enamoured with his new found furry friend.

My camera was, as usual, close at hand and I finally swapped lenses and decided to give my 50mm 1.4 prime a workout. Love! Begged the question - why haven't I been using this much more all along? Lesson learned.

George exploring the dock:
Kisses from Yia Yia:
Good morning Sunshine! Not quite awake but quite a happy boy:
Quality time with great Uncle Dick who was in from CA:
Playing on the deck:
A guiding hand from Pop:


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