can wings be (temporarily) clipped?

Since I am working late tonight, I was able to spend the early part of the day at home with G. The weather cooperated and gave us a cool, slightly overcast morning - perfect for our now well-loved local park. Arriving just when the park opens at 9:00 on a weekday allows G to explore all on his own without the need to compete for space with other children. He loves crawling on this train structure (with Mama right on his heels!).

On the train, there are a few levels separated by small steps. Today, G decided crawling around wasn't enough. He was determined to tackle the stairs. He put his hands on the first step and rocked back and forth for awhile, trying to figure it out and then, in a flash, he was up the first step and then the second. He turned around to grin at me with a look that shouted, "I did it, Mama!"
In an instant I was both beaming with pride and utterly saddened. My little guy is proving to be sharp, fearless and a very quick learner. All wonderful things except for one small point...I'm not ready to let go of my bitty baby.

He is asserting his independence and testing his wings (er, feet) far sooner than I ever could have imagined. Just this weekend he decided to full on crawl rather than scooting around. Within a day he was pulling up to standing on, well, everything (good-bye glass coffee table! drop that crib mattress!) and now stairs? I think this is just the beginning of a wild ride.

George is 7 months, 3 weeks.


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