three rhymes with squeeee!!!!

Yesterday I finished work until a week after the wedding so, today was the official start of the wedding marathon and I've been running slow and steady. I slept in just a bit, did some laundry and finished up a few DIY projects before I headed out to run my errands. And, here's the last of the projects and stuff...

Table numbers with a different love quote on each. I made these double sided so the numbers can be seen from either direction. So happy with the results:
Silver clutch - matches my reception shoes perfectly:
Sign for the guest "book" table (signature mat):
Our completed card box:
Top of the box:
And, the front:Cocktail menu for the bar - thanks to knottie kwynn for the fabulous inspiration:
Our completed chocolate favor boxes. Each guest will receive one on their plate:
Our next task (by far one of our largest) is packing up everything we need for the reception to bring to the hall....tomorrow at 2:00 pm! A daunting task but, I'm so excited to get it all out of the house and into the capable hands of our Maitre'D and Bridal Attendant. One step closer to seeing all of the work and effort realized!


Anonymous said...

All the best for a wonderful day, Jen!

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

Love your projects! Have a fabulous day and live happily ever after from a fellow 2-28 lady! :)

Katie said...

I love the Cocktails Menu sign! Thanks for the great and easy DIY idea!


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