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Looking through some photos on my computer today, I realized that I'd never shared from our invitation assembly at the end of December. Clearly, I'm committed to documenting all details of the planning process when I share photos of myself without make-up (ouch!). Check out the assembly line we had going on my parents' dining room table the day after Christmas:
Our reply cards:

Doing it together, layer by layer (FI is not as thrilled about photo-documenting this experience as I am):

Our best decision in all of this turned out to be coding our response cards. We wrote a little number on the back of each response that corresponded with the guest's name on our excel spreadsheet. When some of the responses came back illegible, we knew exactly who they belonged to.

It's hard to believe that this all took place over a month ago and that we are now so much closer to the finish line! 24 days to go...


Carrie said...

you look WAY better without makeup than i do...i'm scary without at least mascara on!!!

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