single digits...

Us. Nearly eleven months ago and just moments after FI proposed during that beautiful late March sunset. Within days we had decided to plan our wedding in less than a year but, even that amount of time seemed endless. Now, here we are with nine days to go until we are married couple.

Another 2/28 bride (kwynn) posted her proposal story on her blog this week and I thought it would be a sweet idea to follow suit so, here goes:

Elias and I traveled upstate to spend Easter weekend with my family. We had talked about a timeline for engagement for months and I knew it was coming in the next few weeks but, knew he wouldn't do it on a holiday. A proposal that weekend was the farthest thing from my mind. We had a nice weekend with my family. On Saturday, my grandmother was visiting my parent's house for the day and while my mom was preparing dinner, my sister and I went out to the grocery store to buy ingredients to bake brownies for dessert. As it turned out, this was a ploy to get me out of the house so that Elias could ask my parents and grandma for their blessing to propose.

The next morning was busy, taking Easter portraits of my nephew and then heading out for brunch at a restaurant with my large family. Elias later told me that my grandma almost ruined the surprise by leaning over during brunch and asking him, "So, when are you going to ask her?" After the meal and saying our good-byes, Elias and I got in my car for the two and a half hour drive back home. When we finally pulled in to our complex, he suggested that we get changed and go down to the park on the water, just a few blocks from our house, to watch the sunset and enjoy the rest of the day (it was unseasonably warm that day). He quickly changed and off we went.

At the park, we sat on a bench facing the water and bridge and talked about the weekend. He was flipping though a folder of grad school brochures and telling me that he would like to pursue a second Master's. Then, he said, "Oh, I just found your Easter card in here. Close your eyes because I did something cute with it." I did and, when he asked me to open my eyes, he was down on one knee holding the ring box in one hand and a scrapbook page the read "Will you marry me?" in the other. He said what I'm sure were some very sweet things that I was unable to comprehend and asked me to marry him.

I cried. I said "yes." I took the scrapbook page and pored over it until he said, "Don't you like the ring?" YES, yes, it was (and is) breathtaking and I just couldn't wrap my mind around everything at once. He put it on my finger and well, here we are today...

NINE days from our wedding.

NINE days until the day we have planning and designed and saved for becomes a reality.

Just a few details remaining:
  • Print escort cards and table numbers - DONE!
  • Add a couple of e-pics to our card box and attach security hinges to the front
  • Assemble bathroom baskets (already have all supplies) - DONE!
  • OOT bags (water bottle labels below!)
  • Finish making the chocolates for our edible favors and decorate the boxes (will finish all these tonight) - DONE!
  • Wrap BP/Parent gifts and write cards to all


Meg said...

LOVE the water bottle labels!!! Your engagement story made me cry, i can't stop the waterworks today!!!ACCK!!! hehe You are going to have a beautiful day Jen!!!

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

Love your proposal story. What a nice photo you have of it on a nice warm day (I have wet hair and snow everywhere!)

Can't wait to hear your wedding recap!

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