heading down the aisle...

I decided against one (yet another DIY project).
I thought I wanted one.
Our priest told us we needed one.
I ordered one...in October.
I was thrilled when it came and I thought about painting it.
I thought about it some more.
FI plotted our monogram...in December.
We knew if we didn't do it soon, plain white would just have to do.
We traced out the design...in January.
This weekend we committed to (finally) starting it.

He painted half.
I painted half.
And, together, we finished it!
A couple of hours on a Valentine's Saturday night, exactly two weeks until our wedding.
2 weeks.
Two weeks!


Meagan said...

That is so nice of your FI to help you - my FI would be too nervous about messing up. It turned out great! I am so excited for you - its almost here!!!!

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