fun at the county fair...

I recall going to fairs as a child, seeing the farm animals and taking a few rides. Attending the county fair near our new home made our summer bucket list. As the date approached, George began to spot the television commercials and flyers and asked to make the trip. We started a countdown to the fair and talked about some of the things we might see. Admittedly, when I happened upon Jill's blog post about the potential for disaster in taking three young children to such an event, I nearly ditched the idea. Instead, we saw the fantastic weather forecast, caught George's excitement, packed up a million snacks (and just slightly less than a million dollars) and off we went.

I learned a few things that day:
  1. Arrive early. As in, 30 minutes or more before the gates open. We planned it this way, hoping it would pay off and were spot on. Even though we went on a Saturday, the second to last fair day, getting to the lots prior to the gate opening meant we were able to park in the closest lot and had a very short wait once the Star Spangled Banner was finished and the gates flung wide.
  2. Advance order your tickets, if available. We did not do this simply because we weren't aware of the option. For our fair early bird tickets, for both admission and rides, can be purchased the week before the opening day at a discounted rate.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. While our county fairgrounds were meticulously maintained and very clean, we covered a LOT of ground that day. Sneakers were a must. The people sitting on benches rubbing their tired feet from $1 flip flops or high heels (why???) would have been wise to think of this ahead of time.
  4. Pack snacks for the kids. Lots of snacks. And maybe lunches. If your kids are picky eaters, bring your own food. Fair food is expensive and you do not want to waste $8 on a mini hot dog that will get a mere lick before being discarded. Save that $8 for more rides or fried cheescake on a stick for yourself.
  5. Bring your patience. Fairs are large, loud and crowded. Kids can get easily overwhelmed and overstimulated by large spaces, noise and crowds. Remember this. Take deep breaths, regroup, think about what it all looks like from the perspective of your littles.
We ended up having an excellent family day with few very minor, and very normal, kid behaviors. The boys loved pretty much everything about the day. Amalia sat back and just took it all in then passed out for a long nap in the stroller. We cannot wait to go back next year. With our advance tickets, of course!


Linda J said...

Which fair did you go to? I loved the fair growing up, but I lived near the California midstate fair which is one of the biggest and best in the country, so I was worried I would be disappointed. Also, we didn't want to drive all the way to Syracuse for the state fair! Next year I definitely want to make it to one, but idk which county fair would be best.

Mrs. Boom said...

Linda - the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck. Definitely worth the trip down from where you are located :)

Dawn Gross said...

Fried cheesecake on a stick!? Oh my yum!!


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