you, at four months...

Hi there cutie,

So much happening for you this month with celebrations, a little travel and all of the growing you've been doing. I can hardly believe how much you have changed from your three month photo to today. Your personality is suddenly as big as those gorgeous, kissable cheeks of yours!

At four months you:
  • weigh 14lb, 11oz and measure 25.5 inches - consistent at about 50th percentile for each. You did so well handling your vaccines. A quick cry and then all smiles when the nurse blew bubbles and did a little juggling act for you.
  • celebrated your first Easter. It was very low-key with just the three of us and a trip to Niko's since your Papou was in the hospital but, we still dressed you for the day and took pictures with your bunny.
  • are full of smiles!
  • celebrated your first Name Day on 7/23/10.
  • are doing much more solitary play on the floor with your toys and sitting in your bebePod seat.
  • have a new, big favorite toy: your exersaucer. You just sat and looked around the first few times but are quickly learning all of the fun toys and are wanting to stay in it longer each day.
  • are sleeping a little bit better at night, as long as I 'dream feed' you just before I'm ready for bed. It seems you just need a little more milk in your belly to get you through for a few hours.
  • have longer eyelashes all of a sudden. Your Baba and I comment all the time that we can almost see them grow.
  • are spending more time out of the harness than in - a very happy thing for all of us! You need to wear it now at bedtime (as of 4/7/10) and can take it off as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • find comfort in your Sofie the giraffe toy and particularly love to munch on her hooves.
  • went to your first lacrosse game at Union College to see your cousin Josh play, followed by tailgating.
  • take lots and lots of walks around town with Mama in the beautiful spring weather.
  • have become very interested in faces. You love to reach out your little hands to touch Mama and Baba's faces when we are holding you. I think we'd both say it's one of our very favorite things you've learned lately.
  • are becoming more talkative with lots of coos and gurgles.
  • love looking at family photos. We have a lot of frames on our refrigerator and a sure way to distract you when you are cranky is to bring you to the fridge so that you can study the faces of the people in your life.

George, you are such a sweet, easygoing baby. You are quickly becoming more curious about the world around you and it is such a pleasure to see things though your eyes each day. I'm so very lucky to be yours.

I love you to the moon and back,



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