blame it on the sun...

G and I have been out and about, soaking up the sun, taking walks around town, meeting up with family and friends and taking full advantage of the unseasonably warm April weather in New York. With all the outside activities, I've been a terrible blogger.

All is well here. G is growing far faster than I'd like to admit and his personality is getting larger than his delicious, chubby thighs. Last week, we learned how to use the Moby Wrap so that he can face out and see the world...loving it! Check out the shades...could you just squee from all that cuteness?!

Oh and that's my new, long needed haircut. I just decided to go for it when we were up visiting my parents a few weeks ago. Loving the ease with the shorter length (took off over 4 inches) and how much healthier it looks and feels. Note to self: Keep it up and don't let it go so long between cuts again. Ever.

Every day that is warm enough to head out, we walk at least 2 miles around town. The fresh air feels so good after the long winter trapped indoors that we often end up doing 4 miles during the day, then Mr. Boom will take another walk with us in the early evening after work. Feeling very lucky to live in a town with such distance of sidewalks, the ability to walk to the grocery store, pharmacy, post office and a variety of shops and restaurants. My leased car is seriously under the mileage limit, we are saving a lot of money on gas and getting plenty of exercise!

I'm finally up to date uploading photos and hope to get back to posting Project Life Tuesdays soon ;-)


Kristi said...

Those little shades on him are priceless!

Jules said...

wow on the 2-4 miles a day! Enjoy the weather, miss you guys! Love, Jules, Brent and Audrey

nfaband said...

What an awesome mommy you are with that sweet little boy of yours, he's a lucky little guy. You are totally beaming ... I'm so happy for you.

Sharon H. said...

I LOVE my moby wrap!!! We have been taking walks here when it gets warm too!!

Nilsa said...

He's precious, by the way I love his shades!

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