newlyweds take manhattan...

In the week following our wedding, we made the decision to stay at home to entertain family who were visiting from both California and Greece. Although we live just minutes outside of New York City, DH and I rarely go into town for more than the occasional dinner. Last week, we did the entire tourist parade: Empire State Building, Times Square, WTC site, Lady Liberty, Canal Street, Battery Park City, Ellis Island, paid for sketches by some street artists, museums...everything! And, occasionally, we turned over my camera to one of our family members to snap a newlywed photo or two. Here are a few of my favorites...

The American Museum of Natural History:
In front of the Zales heart in Times Square, snow covered and leftover from Valentine's Day:

The Empire State Bldg. Observatory, 86th Floor (he makes my foot pop!): Best photo so far of my "wife chop." I had about three inches taken off plus a much needed shaping two days before this was taken:
On the ferry to Liberty Island, just before docking. Love DH's little smirk:At the feet of the Lady herself. Despite living just outside of NYC for 17 years, this was my first visit:
On the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan side looking into Brooklyn:

We have no pics together on Ellis Island. It was the first trip there for both of us and we were in awe. Such an amazing place and we're already planning to go back for a full day trip in the spring. Highly recommended if you are ever in NYC.When we got back to Battery Park, we had our sketches done by a street artist (above) DH is sitting for his half and (below) you can see how mine turned out.


Meg said...

love the pics!!! you two are soo cute together!!! I love the characaterist picture you got!!!

AlmostThere said...

Hey Jen, this is Justine, I posted on the Feb 09 board on theknot for awhile, (PinkH2oMelon) but haven't in the past few months, but I was on there again recently and found your blog. Your wedding looked beautiful! I'm glad everything came together so well for you!! :) Are you missing planning? I am a little! I keep seeing wedding things and thinking "Oh, that would have been so cute, I wish I could have used it!" I hope I'm not the only one who does this!! haha

Kayla said...

Oops. I had forgotten you had this blog as well. So about the furniture... this is getting kind of creepy! We have VERY similar tastes I see! :-)

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