a blog fast, too?

Busy being a happy newlywed, working like crazy this month and getting used to some shifting sands in life = no blogging. Unintentional but, true. I've hardly been near the computer at home in the past couple of weeks. Since that's where my photos live and where I mainly have time to reflect and type, it's made for a boring month on this site! So, an update:
  1. I am in my third full week of Lent practicing Greek Orthodoxy. While neither DH nor myself are staunchly religious, we made the commitment to ourselves and the church to really learn more and to make efforts in our faith. With guidance from our priest, we've been fasting from meat on Wednesday and Fridays and will do so for the full seven weeks of Lent. While I would never strive for a meat-free life, I have been enjoying the challenge of coming up with good recipes that are vegetarian. The biggest hit in our house so far? Pan Seared Pierogies with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream, served with mixed veggies and a Caesar Salad.
  2. Wedding planning had me curb many of my favorite activities including reading (other than the bit of chick-lit here and there). I've been an avid and voracious reader my whole life and missed the time to do more of it in the past year. About a week after the wedding, I accepted an invitation to join a local book club and dove into this month's selection. I have just a few pages to go and would highly recommend reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen:

  3. The great phone debate. DH and I consolidated our two semi-pricey cell phone plans into one, stream-lined and economical family plan about a week ago. While in the store, the iPhone called to me. I. do. not. need. it. No one needs that type of gadget, I suppose but, the want is there. Luckily AT&T gave me some more time to ponder because, my next chance for a phone upgrade is at the end of June. iPhone or not, I have been texting more and more and definitely need a phone with a keyboard...I'm hopeless with the number pad method. Until then, my pink Razor will do just fine.
  4. Tomorrow, DH and I will celebrate one month of marriage...already! Married life is more than I ever could have hoped for. While on the outside there weren't so many changes - we live in the same house in the same town and have pretty much the same routines - the internal is vastly different. There is a sense of security in this new oneness that I never anticipated. Every decision and plan we make together is joint and as a team. I recall so many conversations between us that started, "Someday after we are married..." and now, here it is and the time for all of those wonderings and fulfillments has come. There is a new level of intimacy, of happiness and contentment. Yes, we have minor disagreements, still have to do the dirty laundry and clean up after our aging cat who is losing his faculties. But, the drudgery even feels different. Intangible and very, very good.


Rhapsody said...

Congratulations on your wedding.

You stated that you were fasting for Lent away from meats? Well there is fish for which there is many varieties to include in your menu such as Salmon, Tuna, Salted Cod, Mackrel etc... or is fish off the menu as well?

Great for veggi dishes are peas and beans such as lentil peas, black eye peas, chic peas, congo peas and beans like red/white kidney beans, soya beans etc. They round a dish off nicely, has lots of fibre, proteins and good carbs.

Have a nice day and blessings upon you and your new husband's marriage.

nfaband said...

It sounds like your month has flown by ... and you sound like you're still grinning from ear to ear. Your Pierogi's sound delish, I love Mrs. T's and so does my family.

The new I-phone sounds interesting, but probably has way more buttons than I'd know what to do with, I'm hopeless with my old dinosaur as it is.

Good luck with all the changes ... I'm so happy for you still!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jen for the link! I just finished reading water for elephants too and truly enjoyed it!! So good :)

Mary said...

i had a pink Razr, too...and I love love love my iPhone, and hear there is a newer version coming out in July. Sorry, that's probably not helpful. :)

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