what's one more little project?

My shower is scheduled for January 17th and, earlier this week, gifts already started arriving. I wasn't prepared for this. I know full well that mailed gift protocol is to:
  1. open the box
  2. unwrapped and check for damage
  3. send thank you note immediately

That would be all fine and good IF I had anticipated early gifts and had thank you notes ready. I did not. So, I designed these yesterday and will be printing up a batch tonight. I present...my shower thank you notes. I fully admit to falling prey to ridiculous matching color/theme mania hence, the colors and the vine flourishes match our menus and programs covers. Yes, I am slowly, but surely, losing my mind. However, they are still less expensive than a trip to papyrus or Hallmark to purchase pre-mades.


Meagan said...

They look great, Jen. Don't worry about the matching color scheme and things, we're all falling into it. Plus, this is just another oppurtunity to use the cool new(ish) printer, right??

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