it {almost} went down like this...

Barely two months until our wedding and I had not booked a hairstylist. Actually, hadn't even figured out which salon to use. At the rate I was going, I'd be doing my own up-do and my hair would end up looking like this in my wedding photos, captured for eternity:
Thanks to not-so-gentle prodding by my MOH and my mom, I did walk into a well-known and reputable salon (an Aveda concept salon) in my town tonight and booked them for all three of us for the wedding day and a trial for me on January 24th. So, with any luck, my hair will actually turn out like one of these lovely photos...
Something soft, romantic and making use of the wave in my hair, rather than fighting my normal everyday battle against it. Now, to make dinner reservations somewhere nice the night of the trial and get some use out of it!


Meagan said...

I was a little confused with the bright flowers sticking out haha but I love you real hair choices. So beautiful! And way to go, embracing your wave instead of fighting it!

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