good fortune...

How fitting during a weekend filled with wedding related activites! This was FI's fortune last night, after our chinese take-out dinner...too funny.This weekend we:
  • put stamps on all of our RSVP envelopes
  • addressed invitation envelopes for a few guest list additions
  • designed the insert with directions to the ceremony
  • made some revisions to the program (almost done!)
  • started work on the accommodations insert

I just uploaded the photos from our final food tasting on 12.03.08 - this first photo is looking out over a small section of the Grand Ballroom and dance floor from the balcony. I'm stading right above the bar (shown in the next photo). I love, love, love the original period chandeliers and inlaid marble floors in this room!This is the view from the back right corner of the ballroom, looking back to the bar and entertianment area. The staircase leading down from the balcony is where we'll make our entrance into the reception. The upper level will also have the placecard/favor and guestbook tables. Our beautiful moms (his on the left, mine on the right) hadn't seen each other in a few months and had a great time chatting about the wedding and catching up over the fabulous food and martinis. Something tells me they will become very good friends over the years! The holiday week will not slow down the planning process here. My must-do's are:

  • design accommodations insert (Monday, 12/22)
  • print accommodations/directions inserts (Wednesday, 12/24)
  • assemble invitations (Fri-Sunday)
  • MAIL INVITATIONS!!! (Monday, 12/29)


Meagan said...

Sounds like another great weekend. It is so nice that your mothers get along and enjoy chatting. Also, the hall looks BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited for pics of youre wedding! 2 months! Oh my goodness!

Melly said...

haha that's a really good fortune to have! And the hall look gorgeous!

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