weekend checks (part 2)...

On Saturday night, we hosted a dinner in our home for my mom and FI's parents. We had great food and a really nice time together. Before we served dessert, FI and I decided to do a centerpiece trial to show them what we had decided on. And, this is it:

The silver leaf charger is 12.5" diameter and the glass is about 11" high. Around the glass, we are using a clear and colored glass pieces and a mix of large and small acrylic gems to refract the light. Here's a close up: We turned the lights down low to see how it would look and were happy with it on the wood table so, I think we'll be thrilled with the final result when they are sitting on the white linens with green runners. Just a few more bags of crystals to purchase and we'll be good to go! CHECK!!!

Then, last night FI and I had an appointment with another D.J. company. After our last one bailed out on us, we were cautiously optimistic (mainly due to all positive knottie reviews). We ended up hitting it off with them right away and booked them. CHECK!!! We have music and lighting!!!

And, because I hadn't quite done enough this week (ha!), I went on an internet search for a brooch for the back of my dress. I entered a low bid on e-bay for one that I thought might work and...I won! So, we'll see what I think of it when it arrives. If it's not quite right, it only cost a little over $12 including shipping and I'll find another use for it (maybe as cake jewelry?). No harm and a possible CHECK!!!

To top it all off, my sister (MOH) called me last night to tell me that she and my bridesmaids have scheduled a date for my shower - January 17th, exactly six weeks before the wedding! I'm so honored and excited!


Monica and the team said...

fabulous centerpieces ! wow ! you are rocking and rolling w/ the wedding plans! wohooo!

nfaband said...

I'm so excited for you. You truly have a gift for planning which means your big day will be fantastic. Those centerpieces are marvelous ... though I'm sure nothing will glow quite like you on that special day.

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