ah, irony...

I'm always looking for a good read. On the recommendation of anther knottie, I searched for and purchased A More Perfect Union by Hana Schank on half.com for a song. I loved this book. Really delved into the insanity of the wedding industry and how even the most sensible of us can get caught up in it all. I particularly enjoyed the knot.com references throughout. Though the book was written a few years ago, nothing has changed there.
Ironically, as I was reading the memoir and nodding along in agreement with the ridiculous amounts of energy directed at a single day, I have been in the throws of all of my own details: menu design, favor packaging, place cards, table numbers. My free time now spent in front of the computer, PhotoShopping for hours on end to get just the right greens and blues and to find the right mix of fonts to add style but, maintain read-ability. Oh-so-sensible me has fallen victim to the wedding industry. It snuck in little by little but, there it is!


Carrie said...

yay, i'm so glad you liked the book! I read it early on in the planning phase and was like...omg will i be like this?!?!?

Meg said...

Omg sounds LIke I need to read this book!! I think most of us have fallen victim of it especially without knowing, so no worries hun!!

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