love with hiccups...

It's been an interesting weekend.

No solid plans
+ hot/humid/nasty weather, followed by driving rain
= crankiness.

By the time Hanna hit us, it was late Saturday afternoon and was a tropical storm, bringing gusty winds and a LOT of rain for our severely overpopulated area. Our home is well above the flood zone. Although we are only about 5 blocks from the waterfront, it's five blocks straight uphill. Thankfully. But, when it rains like that, we're still locked in because the highway infrastructure just can't handle the run-off.

We were both hot, tired from a long week and just wanting to relax and/or do something to work off the lingering work frustrations. Not under these lovely conditions. Mainly, I read and he worked on repairing a computer. All was well. Then, a slight temperature battle ensued (a/c vs. stifling humid outdoor air). Aggravating. Thank goodness for my spontaneous friend who happened to call and suggest getting a quick coffee. She picked me up (using the not-so-flooded local roads) and unwittingly 'rescued' me for an hour. Once I returned, the boy made amends and the status quo was re-established. Then, today, a little bit more of yesterdays not-so-nice stuff. It happens, we talk, it's over and we go along on our happy way. As we were sitting watching football a little while later,

FI: "I'm sorry it's not all perfect but, I always love you."

Me: "It never needs to be perfect. Sometimes our love just gets hiccups."

No, there is no such thing as perfect in relationships or in any other aspect of life. I've never excepted it. Not of living together, our wedding or our future marriage and family. What I expect, and what we both strive for is: more good times than bad, to treat each other gently and well and to approach everything we face as a team.

Seat Next To You - Bon Jovi


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